International Home Transfer through Easypaisa Shop

Easypaisa International Home Transfer provides you the facility of sending your remittances to every part of Pakistan through our vast network of partners in over 150 countries around the world.

  • No fees to receive funds through Easypaisa       International Home Transfer
  • Any person with valid CNIC/passport/driving       license can receive money
  • No documentation is required
  • No time limits to receive money
  • Doorstep Delivery Service Available

Product Introduction

Easypaisa brings FAST and FREE International Home Transfer service to beneficiaries in Pakistan. With our large presence across 463 locations (Telenor Franchises, Sales and Service Centers and Tameer Bank Branches) through-out Pakistan, Easypaisa can deliver your remittances to every part of Pakistan, regardless of having a Telenor Connection or any other bank account. Any person with a need to send money from a foreign country can use this service. Expatriate workers can now send their monthly salaries home to their families.

Easypaisa International Remittance is available across 150 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Spain, Italy, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and other countries in the world.

*Terms and conditions apply. This service is always free for the beneficiary. Sender may be charged for transactions under USD $200 in value.

Product Features
  • No fee is applicable on receiving funds through Easypaisa International Home Transfer.
  • Any person with a valid CNIC/passport/driving license can receive money
  • This service is not limited to Telenor subscribers; you don’t even need a mobile phone or a mobile account
  • There is no paperwork or form filling requirement
  • No more waiting in queues – a remittance can be collected even at late hours or on Saturdays
  • Secure encrypted transaction
  • Approved by the State Bank of Pakistan
  • Customers can call on our helpline and get money delivered at their door step across Pakistan.
An Easy and Simple Process

In order to collect Easypaisa International Home Transfer transactions, the sender has to use one of our sending partners.

  • Sender visits Sending Agent of our sending partners in a foreign country, fills out a form and hands over the amount to be sent. Sender needs to write down the full         name of the recipient as it appears on his/her CNIC.
  • Sending partner agent will generate a unique Transaction ID and give it to the Sender.
  • Sender will communicate the Transaction ID to the Receiver via phone/SMS/internet.
  • Receiver visits any Telenor Franchise, Sales & Service Center or Tameer Bank branch with his/her original CNIC and Transaction ID.
  • Receiver can then collect his/her money along with receipt.
Our Sending Partners

Each of our Sending Partners covers a unique geographic footprint. We are constantly working on adding more partners, to increase coverage and convenience for our customers. Remittances sent from the following partners can be claimed through Easypaisa International Remittance.



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How can I find out if Easypaisa International Remittance is available in my country?

We are present in over 150 countries around the world. You need to go to the nearest agent locations/exchange house and ask for Xpress money, MoneyGram and Placid Express

What is the process of sending Money Internationally to Pakistan?

For transferring money from an international location, just visit the nearest agent location/exchange house with a proof of your identity. It could be an international driving license or passport or National ID card. After handing over the money to be transferred, a unique PIN code will be given to you.

What is the process of receiving Money in Pakistan?

For receiving money customer needs to visit any Telenor Sales & Service Center Franchise or Telenor Bank Branch with original CNIC and secret PIN code given by the sender. Disclaimer: Money can be received by the original CNIC holder only.  Customers can call on our helpline and get money delivered at their door step across Pakistan.

Are there any charges applied on Sending/Receiving?

Any transaction above $200 via Xpress Money and Placid Express is free. Money sent via MoneyGram will be charged, however charges will differ from country to country.  There are no charges on receiving money from Telenor Sales & Service Center Franchises and Telenor Bank Branches anywhere in Pakistan.

What is the maximum amount which can be sent/ received via Easypaisa International Remittance?

Money up to PKR 500,000 can be sent and received in Pakistan; however PKR 50,000 can be received at door step.

How much time transfer of money will take from an international location?

Money can be received within minutes of the transferring time from any location in the world. There will be a time variation from sending location and local time.

Where can the internationally transferred money be received in Pakistan?

Money sent via Xpress money, MoneyGram and Placid Express can be easily received at any Telenor Sales & Service Center Franchises or Telenor Bank Branch present across Pakistan.  

What other services are offered under Easypaisa International Remittance?

The services we are offering like OTC, Door Step Delivery, Inter Bank Transfer and Cash to Mobile Account

How do I find the status of my transaction in Pakistan?

Please call on our dedicated Easypaisa hotline numbers +92343-0003737 and +92347-0003737 from anywhere in the world.

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