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About Aman Foundation

The Aman Foundation is a social enterprise, established with a not-for-profit trust, based and operating in Pakistan. The Foundation aims to champion dignity and choice for the underserved, focusing on Health and Education through direct intervention. Aspiring to derive scalable and systemic change in Pakistan, The Aman Foundation endeavors to provide sustainable solutions to the obstacles to development faced by the people of Pakistan.

The Aman Foundation was founded with the firm resolve that Pakistanis must take the lead in solving Pakistan’s problems. Business acumen is at the heart of the approach, and our vision is to champion dignity and choice for the underserved. This goal is being met one city at a time, beginning with Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.

Our mission:

• Create high social impact and prove that change can be achieved in a sustainable way

• Form a collaborative platform comprising leading social sector players in order to create maximum impact in areas of Health, Education and Nutrition

• Attract international social sector funding that is consistent with, and fulfills, the development needs of Pakistan

Our values:

• Our core values are ownership, passion, integrity and collaboration.