Easypaisa Mobile Account

An Easypaisa Account is a bank account on your phone. It is exceptionally easy to use and available for any mobile subscriber of any network. Subscribers can use the Easypaisa Account for Bill Payment, Money Transfer and a whole set of new services from their mobile phones. Easypaisa Account services include:

  • Money Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • International Home Transfer
  • Easy Load
  • Other Network Mobile load
  • Donations
  • Money Transfer to any Bank Account*

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Step 1: Open your Easypaisa Account:

  • Telenor Subscribers can open an account simply by dialing *786#
  • Non-Telenor Subscribers can open their account by sending ‘EP<space>CNIC number’ to 0345-111-3737.
  • Subscribers will receive a confirmation SMS from 3737 on successful activation of their Easypaisa Account.
  • You can also visit any of the Telenor Franchises, Telenor Sales and Service Centers, Telenor Bank branches or Telenor Bank Sales and Service Centers.
  • To open your mobile account online, Click here


Step 2: PIN Creation:                                                             

For Telenor Subscribers:
  • Dial *786#
  • You will be asked to create your 5 digit PIN
  • You will be asked to reenter your 5 digit PIN for reconfirmation
For Non-Telenor Subscribers:

Customer will send “PIN<Space>5-Digits PIN<Space>Confirm 5-Digits PIN” to 0345-1113737


Step 3: Deposit funds in your Easypaisa Account:

You can deposit funds in your Easypaisa Account through:

  • Any of the 75,000 Easypaisa shops
  • Bank transfer from any bank account
  • Money transfer from any Easypaisa Account
  • Customers can now deposit money into thier Easypaisa Account via any VISA/Mastercard card. Click here


Your phone number is your Easypaisa Account number!


  • Weekdays or Weekends, you can make transactions any day, anytime from anywhere. No more travelling, or no more waiting in long queues
  • Secure Encrypted Transactions based on GSM standards and State Bank of Pakistan regulations
  • Dedicated customer helpline 3737 with support available 24/7


You can access your Easypaisa Account from:

An Easy and Simple Process
  • Just dial *786# from your verified Telenor number to get FREE Mobile Account service
  • Customer can also visit  nearest  Franchise / SSC /  Tameer Bank Branch with their original CNIC*
  • Account is registered within seconds and subscriber will have to create a 5 Digit secret PIN to be able to do transactions

*To avail greater transactional limits, ask the CRO for a higher level Mobile Account

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2
  • BVS verified customers can open their MA by dialing string *786#
  • Non BVS customers have to visit Sahulat Ghar & Franchise for opening of Account
  • Instant Registration, account will be registered as soon as it is captured
  • Only CNIC is required
  • No KYC fields are required for account opening
  • Instant Registration, account will be registered as soon as it is captured
  • If document verification fails, account will be suspended
  • If documents are not submitted, account will be suspended in 7 days
  • CNIC along with other supporting documents are required
  • Transaction Limits are defined according to customer needs and completion of documentation requirements
  • KYC fields must be filled by the customer
  • Account will be instantly registered with level-1 transaction limits, as soon as the documents are verified by the admin, transaction limits will be upgraded within 3 days
Level 0 Account Limits
  • 50,000 for Day
  • 80,000 for Month
  • 800,000 for Year

*On a single CNIC

Level 2 Account Limits
Account Level Limits Document Required
Level-2 (Basic) Daily Limit: 50,000
Monthly Limit: 100,000
Yearly Limit: 600,000
Maximum Balance: 300,000
Level-2 A Daily Limit: 100,000
Monthly Limit: 200,000
Yearly Limit: 1,200,000
Maximum Balance: 600,000
Proof of Business or Income or employment
If document verification fails, account will be suspended
Level-2 B Daily Limit: 250,000
Monthly Limit: 500,000
Yearly Limit: 3,000,000
Maximum Balance: 1,500,000
Proof of Business or Income or employment
Level-2 C Daily Limit: 500,000
Monthly Limit: 1,000,000
Yearly Limit: 6,000,000
Maximum Balance: 3,000,000
Proof of Business or Income or employment
Service Charges
Transaction Slab Start Slab End
Cash Deposit** 100 50,000*
Bill Payment 1 -
Easyload 30 -
Donations 3 -
Create PIN - -
Change PIN - -
Balance Inquiry - -
Send Account Info - -
Mini Statement - -
Cash Withdrawl 1 50000
Funds Transfer(MA to MA) 1 50000
  • *For non BVS, the upper limit is Rs. 15,000.
  • **First 10 Cash Deposit transactions in a month will be free, any subsequent Cash Deposit transaction will be charged at 2.5% (with tax).
  • First 10 MA – MA (Money Transfer) transactions will be free in a month, any subsequent MA-MA transaction will be charged at 1.74% of transaction amount inclusive of tax
  • First 15 Easyload transactions are will be free in a month, any subsequent Easyload transaction will be charged at PKR 2 (inclusive of Tax) per transaction.


Service Charges for Cash Deposit

First 10 Cash Deposit transactions in a month will be free, any subsequent Cash Deposit transaction will be charged at 2.5% (with tax).


Service Charges for Cash Withdrawal

>Service charges for cash withdrawal is 1.75% (inclusive of tax) of the withdrawal amount.


Service Charges for Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (Mobile account to Tameer Bank)

Charges are applicable only when transferring out from Mobile Account to Tameer Bank. Having money transferred in to your Mobile Account is free of cost. 
Slab Start Slab End Fee(Tax Inclusive)
0 1,000 Rs.23.20
1001.01 2500 Rs.46.40
2501.01 4000 Rs.69.90
4001.01 6,000 Rs.92.80
6001.01 8,000 Rs.116.0
8001.01 10,000 Rs.139.20
10001.01 13,000 Rs.162.40
13001.01 16,000 Rs.185.60
16001.01 20,000 Rs.208.80
20001.01 25,000 Rs.232.00


Service Charges for Funds Transfer
Money Transfer (From Mobile Account to Mobile Account)

10 transactions per month are free & subsequent are charged at 1.74% (inclusive of tax) of the transaction amount. 

Money Transfer (From Mobile Account to CNIC)
Mobile Account to CNIC
Slab Start Slab End Charges*(Tax inclusive )
0 1,000 46.4
1,001 2,500 92.8
2,501 4,000 139.2
4,001 6,000 185.6
6,001 8,000 232
8,001 10,000 278.4
10,001 13,000 324.80
13,001 15,000 371.20
Service Charges on Money Transfer (From Mobile Account to bank)
Slab Start Slab End Fee (Tax inclusive)
1 1,000 35.0
1,001 2,500 50.0
2,501 4000 65.0
4,001 6,000 80.0
6,001 8,000 90.0
8,001 10,000 105.0
10,001 13,000 120.0
13,001 16,000 130.0
16,001 20,000 155.0
20,001 25,000 190.0
25,001 30,000 230.0
30,001 40,001 270.0
40,001 50,001 310.0



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