Phone Banking

With Easypaisa Phone Banking, a Mobile Account customer can simply dial the helpline at 3737 and ask the Easypaisa Customer Representative to conduct a financial transaction on their behalf.

Services include:
  • Money transfer to another Mobile Account &      CNIC
  • Utility Bill payment
  • Donation payment
  • Easyload

  • Money transfer to another Mobile Account
  • Money transfer to CNIC
  • Money transfer to Bank Account
  • Bill payment
  • Donation payment
  • Easyload

Phone Banking provides another channel for the customer to use their Easypaisa Mobile account. If you are unsure or unacquainted with the USSD interface, Easypaisa Phone Banking makes it easier for all the Easypaisa Mobile Account customers, to make their transactions securely and conveniently through the Easypaisa helpline instead.

An Easy and Simple Process

Once an Easypaisa Mobile Account customer calls the helpline, the customer representative will verify the customer’s details, and then offer the assistance to conduct below services:

  • Get your account balance
  • Get information about the last 5-10 transactions carried out on your account
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay Utility & Internet Bills
  • Make donation payments
  • Purchase GSM Airtime

The customer will be requested to provide CNIC and Mobile Account PIN with Receiver’s CNIC and mobile number (in case of money transfer and Easyload) to be able to conduct the transactions.


Phonebanking service can be availed between 7.00 am to 11.00 pm on all days



Phonebanking services are offered at zero fee.


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