Khushaal Beema Life Insurance

Easypaisa now brings “Khushaal Bema”; a savings product offering, through which our Mobile Account Customers, upon savings PKR 2,000 or more in their Mobile Accounts, can get Life and Accidental Death Insurance. With Khushaal Beema, the more you save in your Mobile Account, the higher will be your insurance coverage. So hurry up and subscribe now!

Product Features
  • Ease of product subscription: Existing Mobile Account Customers can subscribe for Khushaal Bema by dialing Easypaisa helpline 3737 from their mobile phones or  by visiting their nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center or Franchise
  • Flexibility of product subscription: Unlike traditional banking, existing Mobile Account Customers can subscribe for Khushaal Beema 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free life and accidental death insurance:
    • Khushaal Beema Customers, who maintain an average minimum monthly balance of PKR 2,000 in their Mobile Account, will receive life and accidental death          insurance.
    • In case of natural death, a subscriber’s nominee will receive a sum of up to PKR 500,000 whereas in case of accidental death, the nominee will receive a sum of   up to PKR 1,000,000 along with a monthly cash benefit of PKR 5,000 for five years in the case of accidental death.
    • The actual sum insured is tied to customers mobile account balances. The higher a customer’s Mobile Account Balance, the higher his insurance coverage will be.


Mobile Account Average Monthly Balance (Rs.)

 Sum Assured
 Natural Death  Accidental Death
 Lump Sum (Rs.)  Lump Sum (Rs.)  Monthly Amount (Rs. pm)

2,000 to 5,000




5,001 to 10,000




10,001 to 25,000




Above 25,000



5,000 Per Month

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