Easypaisa ATM Card

Easypaisa now offers ATM cards to all customers to withdraw cash from their Easypaisa Mobile Account.

  • Easypaisa ATM cards works on all ATM (1-link and M-Net) locations across Pakistan
  • Highly Secure and Convenient
  • Saves you from the hassle of visiting Easypaisa shop to withdraw cash every time

Product Features
  • Any existing or new Mobile Account Customer can get an Easypaisa ATM Card
  • Easypaisa ATM cards works on all ATM (1-link and M-Net) locations across Pakistan
  • Mobile Account customers can make Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry transactions using the ATM card
  • On every transaction using an ATM card, an instant SMS notification is sent to the subscriber’s mobile phone
  • For Cash Withdrawal, the customer’s Mobile Account’s daily and monthly limits will be applicable
  • No monthly/ or annual fee is charged for Easypaisa ATM Cards
An easy and simple process
  • The ATM Cards can be requested from easypaisa helpline 3737 or you can send an SMS “y” to 422 for the request
  • The Easypaisa representative will ask for your Mobile Account number and process your request
  • You will get an approval request on your Easypaisa registered mobile number
  • You can approve the request by entering your Mobile Account PIN
  • The one-time ATM card issuance charges will be deducted from your Mobile Account



Service Charges

Easypaisa ATM Card limits

Easypaisa Mobile Account Limits will be applicable

Card Issuance Charges



Cash Withdrawal Charges

Tameer ATM/POC

      • Withdrawal through Tameer ATM is free of cost.

1 Link/M-Net

ATM Withdrawal fee is PKR 15 + 0.8%* of the transaction volume.

 *Prices are inclusive of taxes

Balance Inquiry Charges

Tameer ATM/POS

PKR 0.00


PKR 0.00






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