Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus Health Insurance

Easypaisa now brings Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus, a health insurance product in collaboration with the United Insurance company of Pakistan Ltd.

  • Huge Benefits
  • Minimal Annual Premium
  • Flexibility of Treatment


Through Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus, Easypaisa customers can get coverage of PKR 1000 per day by paying a premium amount of PKR 950 for a year. If the customer is not able to work due to disability caused by the accident, the plan compensates for the loss of wages.

The customer can also claim reimbursement for expenses incurred on doctor’s consultation fee, laboratory tests and medicines up to a certain limit.


Flexibility of Treatment

Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus customer can go to any hospital and get treatment which can be claimed by submitting required documents. Daily coverage will be doubled in case of admission to ICU. In case of disability due to injuries, a weekly benefit is also payable, based on hospital/ attending physician advice. Disability benefit will be payable if disability is for minimum 7 days or more. The customer can also claim reimbursement against actual receipts if he or she spends money on doctor’s consultation, laboratory test and medicines, within seven (7) days before or thirty (30) days after the covered hospitalisation.


Who can subscribe for Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus:

  1. All Easypaisa customers within age 18-65 years can subscribe
  2. Easypaisa Mobile account customers
  3. Walk-in customers


Mobile Account Customer:

For registration through your Mobile account please follow the process below:

  1. Dial *786#
  2. Go to option  4 other payments
  3. Go to option 8 “insurance”
  4. Go to option 2 “Sehat Sahara”
  5. Enter amount: 950
  6. Enter your Mobile account PIN

Customer will get a confirmation message for subscription.

In case you don’t have a Mobile account please dial *786# from your Telenor number


Other Mobile network Customers:

In case you don’t have a Telenor number please send an SMS writing “help” to 0345-1113737 to open your Mobile account. You can then subscribe for health insurance by following below steps after depositing cash in your account

Format:   Paytill <3744> <amount> <mpin>

SMS Send on:  0345-1113737

Example:  paytill 3744 950 12345


Walk-in Customer:

Visit your nearest SSC, Easyshop or retailer for subscription of the product with your CNIC



If you are an Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus customer and need any help regarding submission of your claim please dial 051-8466 466


Note: For any further information, please call 3737. Easypaisa Sehat Sahara Plus covers inpatient (IPD) hospitalization, provides weekly benefit in case of temporary total disability due to accidents and reimburses expenses for doctor’s consultation, laboratory tests  and medicines, if incurred within seven (7) days before and thirty (30) days after the covered hospitalization.

What is Sehat Sahara?

  • Sehat Sahara is a health coverage product which gives customer certain benefit in case of illness or accident

What is Sehat Sahara’s price?

  • Sehat Sahara’s price is 950 per year

Is this a onetime fee?

  • Yes , customer has to pay 950 upfront to get subscribed for complete year

Is my family covered?

  • No, one policy is issued on one CNIC. For every family member PKR 950 and CNIC will be required

Can I avail this product if I am not a Telenor Customer?

  • Yes , any customer who has a valid CNIC and a mobile number can avail this product

How can I get this product?

If you have an Easypaisa mobile account , please call 3737 , if you don’t have a mobile account please visit nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center Franchise

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